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Our Perfume Jewelry Collection is a menagerie of glamour, art and style. They are a distinctive compilation of jewels in a vivid array of styles. The custom pieces showcase extraordinary gem style settings, hand painted enamel, artful pieces in dazzling designs forming an unparalleled array like no other. Chosen for it's rarity and visual appeal, all pieces are set in a way to maximize their beauty and design. Surrounded by the strength of the precious metals and the articulate array of gem style stones, each piece personifies a perfect balance of classic beauty and cutting edge style.

Each perfume pendant has a non-removable glass vial inside with a screw top lid and 30" inch chain; the perfect length! They will hold approximately 2-3 ML of anointing oil, or perfume. These necklaces are extremely regal in appearance yet, they are well designed for daily use and be used to carry your favorite perfume, anointing oil, or essential oil.

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