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Rock Rose is one of our newest releases and proving to be very popular.  Deep, earthy-floral, amber fragrance.



Faith ~ Hope ~ Love

Delightful and intoxicating this new perfume will lift your spirits with a touch of romantic love.  Ancient resins of frankincense, myrrh, and acacia are mingled with fresh flowers, sweet spices and citrus essences. A sweet floral, citrus aroma designed for all age groups and is appropriate for daywear.

Fragrance Classification:  Citrus-Floral

Tradeshow Review:  The ladies loved this scent and couldn't get enough of it! 


The scent of Faith Love and Hope is Sweet clean and elegant.  The scent and the name are quite unique.  Never have so many men inquired about the fragrance.

Faith Love and Hope brings to mind optimism and leaves a good feeling all around you.  Because the perfume is pure it does not interfere with skin, clothing or jewelry.  It is an excellent perfume for women to entice a man and bring Faith Love and Hope. . . Carla J. California

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