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Rochelle Boleyn Natural Perfumes

Our natural perfumes, colognes and solid eau de parfums are created with the finest ingredients imported around the world. Lush rose, sultry jasmine, fruity notes of bergamot, and calming sandalwood are just a few of the rare and exotic plant essences we infuse in organic grape alcohol or skin nourishing oils to exhilarate your senses and expose the raw natural beauty in you!


"Like music to the soul, paint upon a canvas, the aroma of fresh leaves and precious flower petals, are interwoven into a colorful rhapsody of texture and style."    Rochelle Boleyn

sweet embrace

Sweet oriental ambiance mingled with citrusy top notes.  Sweet Embrace allures the senses with perfect ease bringing love and romance within arms reach.




Rochelle Boleyn Natural Perfumes


Chic packaging is exclusively designed by Rochelle Boleyn.

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